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Sparklin App

Remotely use Spark 1

Thanks to the Sparklin App, easily start a charging session. 

Once a Spark owner adds you to his community, your billing data will be securely uploaded after each use, thanks to our Sparklin Protocol. 

SPARKLIN (27).png

How does it work? 

1. Download the App


The Sparklin App is available on the Google Play Store and on the App Store.

2. Join a community


Get in touch with the site manager to join their community.

3. Here we go! 


Open your Sparklin App and select the needed community. 

Tuto nouvelle app  (22).png
Tuto nouvelle app  (26).png
Tuto nouvelle app  (27).png

4. Pair up with the socket


Pick an available Spark socket.

5. Charge your car


Once the authentication is done Spark automatically delivers electricity!

Tuto nouvelle app  (28).png

6. Check your information


If you're leaving, unplug your car. Once your charging session is over, you get a recap. Access all your history on the App.

Tuto nouvelle app  (23).png
Tuto nouvelle app  (25).png

Its advantages

9. Charge en cours.png

Real time tracking


Remotely start and stop a charging session and check its status at any time.

11. Historique.png

Transaction history


View and download your receipts.

12. Edition note de frais.png

Edition des notes de frais


Check the terms of use of the communities your are in, at any time. 

Plan de travail – 4.png

No internet connection? 


Start a charging session, even 6 feet underground! Your data is sent to our system once the connection is restored.

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