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Sparklin works closely with the installers

In France, Sparklin works with referenced installers who are IRVE qualified, in accordance with the decree of 12 January 2017 stipulating that "charging points for electric vehicles are installed by a professional authorised in accordance with Article R. 4544-9 of the Labour Code who holds a qualification for the installation of said charging infrastructures issued by an accredited qualification body."



To know more, contact AVERE.)

Sales and installation with Sparklin

The installer is in direct contact with the socket owner and this is why Sparklin's selection and referencing criteria are rigorous. The installer will have to ensure, among other things, that electrical safety is respected during the connection and installation of the socket, but also ensure the commissioning of the socket in a BtoC network, the deployment of reporting tools and a local assistant on all 4 modules: the Spark 1 socket, the connection to the Sparklin protocol, the Sparklin App and the Sparklin Manager.


Sparklin will set up a dedicated hotline and provide 24/7 feedback.

Selection & qualifications

Our positioning requires us to support, train and inform installers who wish to offer Sparklin products to their customers. The selected companies will have to hold the necessary insurance and associated guarantees (civil liability).

Sparklin expects the IRVE technician to have a number of commercial and technical skills:

  • Interest for innovation, promotion of Sparklin solutions

  • Communication on all the advantages of the plug, in all its specificities (networks, communication, standards,...)

  • Ease of interaction with digital products such as web and mobile applications, but also with low and high voltage power

  • Motivation to make Sparklin products evolve and to report any malfunctions in the system 


Information/training support will be offered via ad hoc tools such as brochures, tutorials, etc. 

Sparklin products will only be sold to members of the Sparklin network.

Our distributors

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